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Meet the Judea Eden Band

The Judea Eden Band

Meet the The Judea Eden Band
Emil Besson;
 guitar player (top left), Judea Eden; band leader and songwriter (top center), Amy Meyers keyboard and singer (top right), Rick Tweed; bass player, (Bottom left),  Aaron Brinkerhoff drummer and backing vocalist (Bottom Right). 

Judea Eden, our band leader and songwriter comes from a background as diverse as the songs created by her and the band.  Hailing from a country and western background, she quickly moved into the San Francisco music scene where she fronted a number of bands, most notably Soul Divine, and all female rock band who graced such stages as The Monterey Pop Festival, Dinah Shore Women’s Weekend, Folsom Street Fair, Castro Street Fair, headlining San Francisco Gay Pride, and was played on numerous radio stations including KFOG, KPFA, KPIG, and many local TV stations such as SF Sound, KOFY, and KRON 4.  Judea has released 4 CD’s as well as a number of songs on compilation CD’s, and movie soundtracks.  She says she is the luckiest women in the world to have the band she has now and continues to write songs to keep the party going long through the next millennia!! 


Amy Meyers, our fantastic keyboard and organ player and singer comes from many years of experience playing in many bands over the years. Amy Meyers is a recognized singer/songwriter in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. She has been playing in the Bay Area since 1991 and in that time released 9 CD's of original music, 1 Christmas CD, and 2 "All Ages" CDs. Recognition and features include; Numerous West Coast Songwriters Best Performer and Best Song Awards, KFOG featured artist, KTVU Mornings On 2, KPFA Local Artist Feature, West Coast Live, and Lillith Fair Competition Finalist. Her songs have been played nationally on Folk, College and AAA radio. Amy is a dynamic performer - both playfully energetic and draw-you-in sincere. A seasoned player on both piano and guitar, her performances are rich with variety and we are extremely lucky to have her in the Judea Eden Band.

Aaron Brinkerhoff, our drummer and backing vocalist, has been in bands since high school.  He wowed many a bar patron back in the 90's with his pop rock band "HappyGoingNowhere" along with current Judea Eden Band member Emil Besson.  He is currently in a few other bands called LemmonHammer with Alexis Harte, Damond Moodie and Fergus Lenehan.   He also plays drums for Kate Isenberg occasionally.  In his own words, Aaron says "I love being in the Judea Eden Band! They are the essence of what playing music is to me...great musicians and songs and always fun! (plus occasional free food and drink)".

Rick Tweed, our funky and soulful bass player was a big part of dominating the San Francisco club scene back in the 80’s with his band “Head On”, who went on to support such bands as Ted Nugent,  Cheap Trick, Joe Perry, Y&TMotorheadAldo Nova, Kix, Shooting Star and others. Noted for their lively and outrageous shows, Head On was likened to such bands as the New York Dolls and Aerosmith.  Rick is known in town as one of the best sound engineers at the ever popular night club El Rio, and performs in the club’s very own band called “Work Buddies” on occasion. 

Emil Besson, the enigmatic guitar player extraordinaire of the band has many years of experience plugging away in the Bay Area local music scene.  He played back in the 90’s along with our drummer Aaron Brinkerhoff in the very popular “Happygoingnowhere” band which supported notable artists such as Sheryl Crow, Counting Crows, Jeff Buckley, Train, Cake, and was a Live 105 Listener Appreciation Party featured local band.  Over the years he has performed in numerous groups such as the popular Alternative Country bands King Cab and currently The Coburns.  Emil can play any style of music and is the perfect fit for the Judea Eden Band as he always knows just what to do for each new song presented, whether it be a funky soul song, blues, jazz, country or rock anthem!!

Band photos Sarah Deragon