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Judea Eden Story

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Singing and writing songs since she was 7, Judea has been performing it seems like forever. Rich, soulful tones invite you to move and sway to a sound that’s well rounded with diversity.
Judea sang in many church and school choirs before performing on stage with her father’s country band at age 14. By 21, she was traveling all over California singing popular country music in a duo full time.

After singing covers for half her life, she decided it was time to start singing her own originals. She moved to San Francisco and started several bands there, including an all girl band called Soul Divine, which released a self-titled EP in 1996. With Soul Divine, Judea traveled all over California writing & performing original funky rock-n-roll. That band dissolved in 1998 unfortunately.

Judea put out her first solo CD with the help of former band mate Joan Martin in 2004.  Joan recorded, mixed and produced it single-handed and we brought in local San Francisco musicians to flush it out.  It was a fantastic experience and turned out pretty great for a first time solo effort.  You can buy that online here [click]

Judea has been compared to vocalists Linda Perry & Melissa Etheridge, but says some of her influences are Annie Lennox, Concrete Blonde, Etta James, & Sheryl Crow.